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This is the Grantee Portal for the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, F. R. Bigelow Foundation and Mardag Foundation for nonprofits and organizations applying for grants . Grantees and applicants with any of the Foundations can reigster for a Login ID and password below.

If you are a donor or fundholder with the Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation, visit the Donor Portal to access your fund.

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We only fund organizations that are recognized by the IRS as having 501(c)(3) status, educational or governmental units, or religious institutions. We do not make grants directly to individuals.

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  • In the “Search Approved Organizations” field, type your organization’s name and click “Search.” Search tips:
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    • Departments and subdivisions should register under the organization's legal name
  • If your organization appears in the search results, select the organization, then click “Copy Address Information From Organization” or enter your personal contact information if it is different.
  • If you cannot find your organization (even if you have previously applied or received a grant), select “Create a new organization” and enter the organization’s contact information.
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